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Cats of PELLBURN is a small Abyssinian cattery in eastern Canada and the only one in New BrunswickWe breed Ruddy and sometimes Red Abyssinians only (no other breeds) .


We chose to breed Abyssinians because they are so beautiful and charming, and want to be a part in preserving this wonderful, natural breed, one of the oldest and most intelligent.

An Abyssinian Cattery & Feline Photography


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Ginger, our first Aby, when she was 5 months

Member of the CFA Abyssinian Breed Council

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Member of the ACFA Chartered Club in Fredericton, NB

Cats of Pellburn is a supporter of the National Abyssinian Rescue.
NAR rescues Abyssinians from unfit breeding environments and helps to rehome Abys that can no longer stay where they are for various reasons.